Apr 2018

RCMRD is hosting the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security in Africa (GMES) and Africa delegation from the African Union together with the successful awardees of the GMES and Africa grant. The meeting is geared towards developing a focused implementation plan (by articulately precisely the needs in terms of data, infrastructure & training) for each consortia before they can begin the implementation of the GMES and Africa program in their respective regions.

GMES is building upon the achievements of its predecessor programmes which include the MESA, AMESD and PUMA projects.

RCMRD is one of the thirteen Regional Implementing Centre (Consortia) for the GMES project. It will be implementing activities in three areas i.e.

1. Land Degradation Monitoring & Assessment
2. Wetlands Monitoring & Assessment
3. Open Geographical Regional Reference Vector Database for water and & agro-ecological zoning

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