Sep 2019


To improve the interpretation of earth observation data and develop the confidence on earth observation derived information in decision making. This will be undertaken in two way i.e.

  • Developing a consistent and comprehensive common and shared geographical database at regional level in using open source data.
  • Creating agro-ecological zonings by weighted overlay (land cover, land use / change, climatology, soils, demography, limits…).

Target End Users

Regional organizations, universities and research institutions, international organizations, national mapping organizations, agriculture, forest and environment agencies.


Anticipated Outcome

  • Reliable and accessible vector database of Geographical data
  • Ability to interpret Earth Observation Data

Dataset to be availed

  • Administrative Data
  • Slopes, watersheds & contours
  • Water bodies - lakes, ponds, rivers, wetlands
  • Transportation network - roads, railways, airstrips
  • Settlement - town, villages, Population, demographic
  • Parks and natural reserves
  • Others - Land cover, Ecosystems, Rainfall
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